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Meeting Documents: EGNRET 42

April 7-9, 2014
Hawaii, USA

Title Document Download
[A1] EGNRET 42 Administrative Circular File_Download_0.png
[A2] EGNRET 42 Agenda File_Download_0.png
[A3] ENGRET 42 Summary Record File_Download_0.png
[C1] Introduction and Adoption of Agenda File_Download_0.png
[C2] Recent APEC Activities File_Download_0.png
[C3] Progress/Status of Current EGNRET Projects File_Download_0.png
[C4] Notes on APEC Project Submission Process File_Download_0.png
[C5] Development of New Project for Session 1, 2014 File_Download_0.png
[C6]EGNRET 42 Discussions File_Download_0.png
[C7] EGNRET Administration & Operations File_Download_0.png
[P1]APEC Smart DC Community Power Opportunity Assessment (EWG / EWG 06 2013A) File_Download_0.png
[G1] Clean Energy Solutions - Hawaii as a Clean Energy Model File_Download_0.png
[G2] Comments on Energy Policy and Technologies - US and Hawaii File_Download_0.png
[G3]APEC Peer Review on Low Carbon Energy Policies (PRLCE) - Malaysia File_Download_0.png
[G4] Report on Progress of APEC Low-Carbon Model Town Task force File_Download_0.png
[G5] Energy Smart Communities (ESCI) and APEC Smart Grid Initiative (ASGI) Update File_Download_0.png
[G6] Renewable Energy and APEC Energy Statistics File_Download_0.png
[G7] ICA - Sustainable Energy Programs File_Download_0.png
Member Economy Presentations: Current New and Renewable Energy Priorities in APEC Member Economies
[E01] China File_Download_0.png
[E02] Hong Kong, China File_Download_0.png
[E03] Indonesia File_Download_0.png
[E04] Japan File_Download_0.png
[E05] Korea File_Download_0.png
[E06] New Zealand File_Download_0.png
[E07] Philippines File_Download_0.png
[E08] Singapore File_Download_0.png
[E09] Chinese Taipei File_Download_0.png
[E10] Thailand File_Download_0.png
[E11] USA File_Download_0.png
[E12] Renewable Energy in the APEC File_Download_0.png
EGNRET and EGEE&C Joint Meeting
[Video] United State Senator from Hawaii - Mr. Brain Schatz Opening File_Download_0.png
[J1] EGNRET Update File_Download_0.png
[J1.1] EGEDA Joint Meeting Discussion Material File_Download_0.png
[J2] Joint Meeting Discussion File_Download_0.png
[P2] China Completed and On-going APEC projects File_Download_0.png
[P3] APEC Fuel EfficientTyreInformation File_Download_0.png
[P4] APEC Car Fuel Efficiency Labelling Review File_Download_0.png
[P5]Update from the United StatesEnergy Related Work in the Sub Committee on Standards and Conformance File_Download_0.png
[P6] Update on APEC Distribution Transformers Survey Project (EWG15 2012A) File_Download_0.png
[P7] Workshop to Support the Development of National Lighting Design Centers in APEC Region (EWG 14/2012A) File_Download_0.png
[P8] Christchurch Smarter Grid Roadmap File_Download_0.png
[P9] Best Practices in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Technologies in the Industrial Sector in APEC Region File_Download_0.png
[D1] Statement on Establishing a Renewable Energy Goal and Related Technology Cost Goals for the APEC Region File_Download_0.png
[D2] Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation - Energy Working Group Draft Strategic Plan for 2014 - 2018 File_Download_0.png