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Projects In Implementation(8):

Economy Project Number Project Title
China EWG 06 2021A Support Offshore Wind Deployment and Grid Connection in APEC Region
EWG 07 2021A Impacts of COVID-19 on Renewable Energy Development in APEC Economies
Hong Kong,China EWG 01 2023A Promoting Digital Solar Resource Maps and Management Technologies in Advancing Renewables Growth in APEC
Chinese Taipei EWG 13 2021A The Legislation Recommendation and Promotion of Multifunctional Ocean Space Usage:Combine Floating PV Installations at Offshore Wind Farms
EWG 14 2021A Empowering Indigenous Social Awareness on Renewable Energy and Increasing Inclusion Sustainability for Green Energy Applications in APEC Regions
EWG 14 2020A The Promotion of Community Waste-to-Energy System
Viet Nam EWG 08 2022A APEC Workshop on Sustainable Energy Transition: Opportunities and Challenges
EWG 10 2019A APEC Workshop on Strategies and Successful Case Studies on Solar Energy