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Meeting Documents: EGNRET 44

April 13-14, 2015
Laoag City, The Philippines

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Meeting Materials
[A1] EGNRET 44 Administrative Circular File_Download_0.png
[A2] EGNRET 44 Agenda File_Download_0.png
Meeting Materials
1. [EGNRET Chair] Introduction and Adoption of Agenda File_Download_0.png
2. Philippines: RE Development File_Download_0.png
3. [EGNRET Chair] Recent APEC Activities File_Download_0.png
4. [EGEDA] Data Collection of New and Renewable Energy in APEC Energy Statistics File_Download_0.png
5. [APERC] Attaining RE Doubling Goal by 2030 (The Upcoming APEC Outlook 6thEdition) File_Download_0.png
6. [IRENA] Accelerating the Growth of Renewable Energy File_Download_0.png
7. [ICA] ICA Programs on Renewable Energy File_Download_0.png
8. [EGNRET Secretariat] Progress/Status of Current EGNRET Projects File_Download_0.png
9. [APEC Secretariat] APPLYING FOR APEC FUNDS: Improving Project Quality File_Download_0.png
10. [EGNRET Secretariat] Notes on APEC Project Progress File_Download_0.png
11. [EGNRET Secretariat] APEC Project Submission Process File_Download_0.png
12. [USA] USA New Project Proposals File_Download_0.png
13. [Discussion_IRENA] The Trend of Renewables under Low Oil Price Circumstances File_Download_0.png
14. [Discussion_EGNRET Secretariat] Toward to RE Doubling Goal by 2030 File_Download_0.png
Member Economy Presentations: Strategy and Roadmap for PV Systems in Each APEC Economy
1. Hong Kong, China File_Download_0.png
2. Japan File_Download_0.png
3. Korea File_Download_0.png
4. Singapore File_Download_0.png
5. Chinese Taipei File_Download_0.png
6. Thailand File_Download_0.png
7. United States File_Download_0.png