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Meeting Documents: EGNRET 39

December 11 - 14, 2012
Shanghai, China

Title Document Download
[A1] EGNRET 39 Administrative Circular File_Download_0.png
[A2] EGNRET 39 Agenda File_Download_0.png
[A3] ENGRET 39 Summary Record In preparation
[C1] Introduction and Adoption of Agenda File_Download_0.png
[C2] Recent APEC Activities File_Download_0.png
[C3] Progress/Status of Current EGNRET Projects File_Download_0.png
[C4] APEC ESCI and ASGI Update File_Download_0.png
[C5] Notes on APEC Project Submission Process File_Download_0.png
[C6] EGNRET Administration & Operations File_Download_0.png
[C7] Review of EGNRET Terms of Reference (TOR) File_Download_0.png
[P1] New Project Proposal Presentation-Canada File_Download_0.png
[P2] New Project Proposal Presentation-Thailand File_Download_0.png
[G1] Peer Review on Low-Carbon Energy Supply (PRLCE) File_Download_0.png
[G2] Projection of Renewable Energy Supply in the APEC Region File_Download_0.png
[G3] Overview of Low-Carbon Model Town (LCMT) Task Force Activities File_Download_0.png
[G4] International Copper Association (ICA) Update on RE programs File_Download_0.png
[G5] Building IRENA Networks of Experts to Accelerate RE Market Deployment File_Download_0.png
Member Economy Presentations: Applying Distributed Energy in APEC Member Economies
[E1] Status on China’s New Energy Industry File_Download_0.png
[E2] Indonesia File_Download_0.png
[E3] Japan File_Download_0.png
[E4] New Zealand File_Download_0.png
[E5] Singapore File_Download_0.png
[E6] Chinese Taipei File_Download_0.png
[E7] USA File_Download_0.png