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Meeting Documents: EGNRET 36

February 28-March 4, 2011
Washington, DC, United States

Title Document Download
EGNRET 36 Agenda File_Download_0.png
ENGRET 36 Summary Record File_Download_0.png
Joint Meeting
J1-APEC Update File_Download_0.png
J2-EWG Update File_Download_0.png
J3-Overview of APERC Activities File_Download_0.png
J4-Smart Grid Activities by the USDOE File_Download_0.png
J5-EGNRET Chair Update File_Download_0.png
J6-USDOE Clean Energy - Efficiency and Renewable Investments File_Download_0.png
J7-EGEE&C Chair Update File_Download_0.png
J8-EGNRET 36 Outcomes File_Download_0.png
J9-EGEE&C 37 Outcomes File_Download_0.png
J10-Joint Meeting Action Plan File_Download_0.png
ENGRET 36 Meeting
E1-Introduction and Adoption of Agenda File_Download_0.png
E2-Overview of Renewable Energy in the USA File_Download_0.png
E3-APEC Smart Grid Initiative (ASGI) File_Download_0.png
E4-Progress and Status of Current EGNRET Projects File_Download_0.png
E5-APEC New Project Proposal Process File_Download_0.png
E6-Development of Project Proposal for 2011 / 2012 Funding File_Download_0.png
E7-Discussion File_Download_0.png
E8-Administration File_Download_0.png
Invited Presentations
E9A-Alternative Transport Fuels-Implementation Guidelines File_Download_0.png
E9B-International Copper Association Update on RE programs File_Download_0.png
E9C-Sustainable Biofuels Development Practices File_Download_0.png
Member Economy Presentations:
New and Renewable Energies in Transportation (i.e., EVs and alternative fuels)
EP1-New and Renewable Energies in Transportation in Canada File_Download_0.png
EP2- New and Renewable Energies in Transportation in Japan File_Download_0.png
EP3A-The Status of Renewable Energy for Road Transport in Korea File_Download_0.png
EP3B-Green Car Roadmap in Korea File_Download_0.png
EP4-Renewable Energy in Transport in New Zealand File_Download_0.png
EP5-Philippine Alternative Fuels and Emerging Technologies Program for Transport File_Download_0.png
EP6- Update on Electric Vehicle (EV) Test-Bed Programme in Singapore File_Download_0.png
EP7- New and Renewable Energies in Transportation in Chinese Taipei File_Download_0.png
EP8-US Experience in Alternative Transport Fuels File_Download_0.png