EGNRET 51 meeting announcement

EGNRET 51 meeting announcement


The APEC EGNRET 51st meeting is to be held on 11-13 September 2018, and there are 2 APEC workshops arranged on 10-11 September along with EGNRET 51st meeting. A site visit of renewable facilities will be scheduled on the last day of the event, 14 September, 2018. Please find the details about tentative agenda, registration form, hotel reservation forms, etc. in the attachment and the draft weekly agenda is presented below. The deadline registration is 30 August 2018.


Meeting Theme

EGNRET secretariat proposes the meeting theme as “Microgrid System – Energy Management and Storage”, please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions. Please prepare a presentation for the Economy presentation. (20 mins)


Discussion Topics

The discussion topics at the EGNRET 51st meeting are as follows,

1.      The Suggestions of Cooperation with EGEE&C regarding Achieving Doubling Renewable Energy Goal

2.      Cross fora Cooperation

3.      The Role of EGNRET in Meeting APEC’s Aspirational Goals on Renewable Energy

The discussion topics for EGNRET members at the joint meeting are as below

1.          Key Areas For Collaborative Actions between EGEE&C and EGNRETEGNRET Update / Renewable Development

2.          Quick Opportunities for Joint Activities



We will discuss the revised ToR of EGNRET, please find the draft ToR in the attachment and feel free to send your comment to me before the meeting.


Election of Chair and Vice Chair

The election for the positions of Chair and Vice Chair for the 2019-2020 term will be held at EGNRET 51st meeting. Economies interested in holding an office are asked to provide the nomination statement, candidate for the position (Chair or Vice Chair) to EGNRET secretariat, Dr. Tarcy Sih-Ting Jhou ( by 30 August 2018. The list of nominated candidate will be circulated on 31 August. The election for these positions will be on consensus basis, therefore we encourage EGNRET members to participate in this meeting. The results of election will be circulated after the EGNRET 51st meeting.

In addition, delegates please prepare 5 mins presentation to introduce ongoing or completed projects which is proposed by your Economy to update and share project information, thank you.

We hope through the EGNRET 51st meeting and related workshop we can exchange the information and learn new techniques from each other in the APEC region. Look forward to seeing you in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Thank you very much.

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